The Stuffers Furniture
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Sizes of all these tables can be discussed at the time of ordering. We use only acrylic paints and historical colors. All furniture is stressed to give an antique look.


Harvest Tables   large product photo
  • All items are made of kiln dried white pine
  • Tables have hand planed tops
  • Tables come with one drawer unless ordered otherwise
  • They have removable legs for easy transportation
  • Tables are 30" high (a standard height for tables today



Coffee Tables   large product photo
  • Tops are the same as harvest tables
  • Legs on coffee tables are not removable and are 18" high



Benches   large product photo
  • There are three different styles:
    1. Benches with aprons
    2. Benches with stretches
    3. Reproduction Amish benches
  • All benches can be made to any length